Friday, April 17, 2009

Ted Orr; Benefit Concerts, April 24 and May 24

Ted Orr is a helluva guitarist.

He's also a CMS alumnus and a recording engineer who collaborates with Karl Berger and Ingrid Sertso in running the Sertso Studio in Woodstock. Sertso Studio houses the Creative Music Studio Archive and is the home of ACR (Artists-Create-Recordings), an umbrella label for productions by members of the Creative Music Foundation, Inc.

I'll let Ted tell you in his own words about his upcoming benefit concerts:

"I am a musician and audio engineer. I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago, after having it for over 20 years. As a result of having it untreated for so long , I developed retinopathy and neuropathy. I have teetered on the edge of legal blindness for 4 years, and after my next surgery my doctor tells me I will be able to read and drive again. I am having 2 benefits to raise the money for the surgey. On Friday, April 24 at Beardville theater, we will have Jack DeJohnette and David Sancious , John Sebastian, Mambo Kikiongo,Voodelic, Chimi Choden, Gilles Malkine, Ras T Asheber, Stoney Clove Lane, Duchess Of Funk, and DJ Dave Leonard ! Also there will be a silent auction and medical technicians on hand to test blood sugar. On Sunday, May 24th, Keegan Ale House in Kingston, NY will present '3' and 'Futu Futu.' Hope to 'see' you!!!"

If you're in the neigborhood, stop on in. Help Ted out. Gonna be some great music.