Sunday, January 30, 2005

Joseph Jarman Article Among 2004 Top Ten in One Final Note

My article "Joseph Jarman: All the Voices Are There Again," published in the online journal One Final Note, was recognized as one of the journal's top ten articles of 2004. Publisher Scott Hreha says, "Of course, the earlier they were published, the more traffic they'll have gotten, but it's still an interesting look at what people are reading. They're listed in order by number of pageviews (the number of times they were actually loaded into a reader's web browser), with that number following in parentheses."

Here's the full list:

01) "Jimmy Lyons: The Box Set" by Joe Milazzo (1,016)
02) "eai: Reflections on the New New Thing" by Adam Hill (1,012)
03) "Edwin Prevost: Minute Particulars" by Walter Horn (740)
04) "The Roaring Silence: In Memory of Elvin Jones" by Matthew Sumera (649)
05) "Miles Davis, The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions" by Tom Djll (625)
06) "Joseph Jarman: All the Voices Are There Again" by Bob Sweet (618)
07) "Steve Swell: The OFN Interview" by Jay Collins (616)
08) "New York City Summer Festival Roundup" by Howard Mandel (598)
09) "Ornette Coleman: Ann Arbor MI, 19 March 2004" by David Dupont (592)
10) "Cecil Taylor Big Band: New York NY, 23 March 2004" by James Beaudreau (582)
10) "Jason Moran & The Bandwagon: Antwerp BELGIUM, 7 November 2003" by Mwanji Ezana (582)

If you're not already familiar with One Final Note, please check it out. Scott has put together a top-notch publication.


Monday, January 17, 2005

Yaya Diallo

News and information regarding Yaya Diallo can be read on as well as Onzou Records, .
Yaya Diallo's 5th album "Live at Club Soda" was released by Onzou Records in 2003.
Yaya Diallo conducts "Healing Drum Tours" to Mali and currently resides in Louisville, KY where he teaches African music and dance at Bellarmine University.
All the best,
Stephen Conroy, Producer/Publisher
Yaya Diallo's African Music
Onzou Records,

[Bob's note: Yaya Diallo was one of the many African musicians who spiced up the Creative Music Studio's World Music summer sessions, which began in 1980.]

Randy Raine-Reusch

Za Disc has released an intriguing new CD of New Music for Asian Zithers entitled BAMBOO, SILK, AND STONE featuring Canadian composer/performer Randy Raine-Reusch on Korean kayageum, Chinese zheng, Vietnamese dan bau, Japanese ichigenkin, and Japanese nigenkin, with Jon Gibson, Stuart Dempster, Jin Hi Kin, Barry Truax and William O. Smith.

Raine-Reusch approaches these instruments in a startling new way that retains the power and essence of these instruments while exploring new techniques, tunings, timbres and relationships.

This CD contains two eclectro-acoustic works, and well as solo and ensemble pieces.

To hear samples go to

[Bob's note: Randy came to the Creative Music Studio from Vancouver in 1975, playing the Appalchian mountain dulcimer as his main instrument.]

Saturday, January 15, 2005

New Emily Hay CD

A recent email message from Emily Hay in L.A. says:

pfMENTUM is pleased to announce the release of a new CD by virtuoso improviser Emily Hay. Emily Hay is joined by an incredible group of performers: Lisle Ellis, Marcos Fernandes, Wayne Peet, Brad Dutz, Joe Berardi, Ronit Kirchman, Michael Whitmore, Sara Schoenbeck, Michael Intriere, Kurt Heyl, Steuart Liebig and Rich West...truly an amazing group of some of the most talented of West Coast improvisers.

In this CD, Emily shows the wide range of her improvisational vocabulary using flute, alto flute, voice and electronics; and then incorporates this vocabulary into wide ranging group settings from acoustic chamber sounds to electronic frenzies...a gem of an album!

For more information and an audio sample of

Emily Hay
Like Minds

go to

Friday, January 07, 2005

Creative Music Studio Goes to College

Have you heard? Karl Berger now has a teaching post at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. He's the chair of the Music Department at UMassD's College of Visual and Performing Arts. How cool is that?

Best of all, the school is giving Karl the freedom to conduct CMS-style workshops.

Read more here.


CMS Update is back.


CMS Update is back, although in blog form now. It should be a better format. Even though it will require you to come here to see what's new, it will allow me far more flexibility in posting info.

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