Saturday, January 15, 2005

New Emily Hay CD

A recent email message from Emily Hay in L.A. says:

pfMENTUM is pleased to announce the release of a new CD by virtuoso improviser Emily Hay. Emily Hay is joined by an incredible group of performers: Lisle Ellis, Marcos Fernandes, Wayne Peet, Brad Dutz, Joe Berardi, Ronit Kirchman, Michael Whitmore, Sara Schoenbeck, Michael Intriere, Kurt Heyl, Steuart Liebig and Rich West...truly an amazing group of some of the most talented of West Coast improvisers.

In this CD, Emily shows the wide range of her improvisational vocabulary using flute, alto flute, voice and electronics; and then incorporates this vocabulary into wide ranging group settings from acoustic chamber sounds to electronic frenzies...a gem of an album!

For more information and an audio sample of

Emily Hay
Like Minds

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