Sunday, January 30, 2005

Joseph Jarman Article Among 2004 Top Ten in One Final Note

My article "Joseph Jarman: All the Voices Are There Again," published in the online journal One Final Note, was recognized as one of the journal's top ten articles of 2004. Publisher Scott Hreha says, "Of course, the earlier they were published, the more traffic they'll have gotten, but it's still an interesting look at what people are reading. They're listed in order by number of pageviews (the number of times they were actually loaded into a reader's web browser), with that number following in parentheses."

Here's the full list:

01) "Jimmy Lyons: The Box Set" by Joe Milazzo (1,016)
02) "eai: Reflections on the New New Thing" by Adam Hill (1,012)
03) "Edwin Prevost: Minute Particulars" by Walter Horn (740)
04) "The Roaring Silence: In Memory of Elvin Jones" by Matthew Sumera (649)
05) "Miles Davis, The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions" by Tom Djll (625)
06) "Joseph Jarman: All the Voices Are There Again" by Bob Sweet (618)
07) "Steve Swell: The OFN Interview" by Jay Collins (616)
08) "New York City Summer Festival Roundup" by Howard Mandel (598)
09) "Ornette Coleman: Ann Arbor MI, 19 March 2004" by David Dupont (592)
10) "Cecil Taylor Big Band: New York NY, 23 March 2004" by James Beaudreau (582)
10) "Jason Moran & The Bandwagon: Antwerp BELGIUM, 7 November 2003" by Mwanji Ezana (582)

If you're not already familiar with One Final Note, please check it out. Scott has put together a top-notch publication.


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Don Davis said...

Keep up the good work Bob! I will have a thing or two to contribute one of these days! Hope all is well!