Friday, October 06, 2006

Inauguration of the Ismet Siral Creative Music Studio in Istanbul

Dost Kip seems to have really pulled it off. (See my February 8 posting, below.)

In July of this year, there was a major event in Istanbul at what has come to be called the Ismet Siral Creative Music Studio (see It featured many Woodstock luminaries (Karl Berger, Ingrid Sertso, Steve Gorn, John Lindberg, Tani Tabbal, Marilyn Crispell), old CMS friends (Trilok Gurtu, Henry Grimes, Carlos Ward), and several of Turkey's reigning improvisational masters.

Sounds like the good old days (read the book Music Universe, Music Mind).

Francesco Matinelli has a very nice account of the event at the All About Jazz site (see ).

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Adam Rudolph's Pure Rhythm

I have not yet gotten my copy of Adam Rudolph's book Pure Rhythm: Rhythm Cycles and Polymetric Patterns for Instrumentalists, Percussionists, Composers and Music Educators, but I know this for sure: If you are at all interested in gaining a better understanding of the rhythmic wisdom that informs all musics of the world from all times, traditions, and cultures, you must own a copy of Pure Rhythm.

Well, how can you say that, Bob, if you haven't even held the book in your hand?

I know Adam, I know his experience and his mastery, and I know that every word of the testimonials at his book's website is true.

Go there right now and buy a copy.

Peace and Music

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Larry Chernicoff on Internet Radio

Here's this, just in from Larry Chernicoff:


My weekly radio show from Great Barrington, Massachusetts ('Beauty and the Beat') is now being streamed live, online. If you have a high-speed Internet connection, you can get it live.

It's an eclectic mix of music, in which anything can follow anything -- jazz, classical, rock, oldies, folk, Italian, Indian, African, Latin, medieval - complete musical equality and lots of fun.

The show is on every Thursday from 4:00 - 5:30 p.m. Eastern time in the USA. If you're at your computer, tune in!

Go to and then click on "Listen Now".


Larry Chernicoff "

Sunday, March 12, 2006

George Cartwright's new record "Ghostly Bee"

George Cartwright, who birthed his group Curlew at the Creative Music Studio, has a new collection of recorded musical selections to delight you. The album is called "Ghostly Bee."

Go to and gitchoo a copy right now. Or, type "ghostly bee" into your favorite web search engine and find any of a number of online vendors whom you might prefer to patronize.

Go pay George a visit at He'll be glad you came.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Karl Berger Leaves UMass Dartmouth

Karl Berger has ended his most recent stint in the world of formal, higher education. (See the January 7, 2005 posting in this blog.) He's back full time in the "dangerous free-lance life."

He and Ingrid recently returned from Sicily where they performed "In the Spirit of Don Cherry" with an octet consisting of Karl, Ingrid, Graham Haynes (trumpet), Carlos Ward ( alto sax ), Peter Apfelbaum ( tenor sax, flute, percussion, piano ), Bob Stewart ( tuba ), Mark Helias ( bass ), Billy Elgart ( drums ).Karl and bassist John Lindberg are teaming up, as they have on many occasions over many years, for a series of performances and educational residencies. They have a duo recording coming out on Between the Lines Records, a German label, which will be distributed internationally this spring. For information on their projects, contact

Karl and Ingrid have released a duet recording, which is a pilot for a series of CMS releases entitled Artists Create Recordings (ACR). The next one will be an album by CMS alumnus Sylvain Leroux, a world-musical (African) mix.

Karl is still arranging for some selected singer songwriters, through a company called You can download tracks of independent productions there, itunes style.

"So you see we are keeping busy," Karl says.

Yes, we see. Sure beats the college life, dangerous as free-lancing may be.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Leroy Jenkins' "Coincidents" at Long Island University

Leroy Jenkins was one of the first of the AACM luminaries to come to CMS in the early seventies. Before my time there, unfortunately, because I've come to understand that his contribuiton was considerable, and I'm sorry I missed him.

I'm still not over the guilt that I inflicted upon myself when, upon meeting him at a Leroy Jenkins, Myra Melford, Joseph Jarman gig in a Detroit suburb a few years back, he said, "Why didn't you interview me for your book?" (Music Universe, Music Mind).

Why, indeed? It was one of my great oversights in my haste to get the book done and out there.

I'm trying to make it up to him just a little bit here by encouraging you to go see his "multi-media opera-in-progress."

"Brooklyn, New York -- 651 ARTS presents the second installation of Coincidents: a multi-media opera-in-progress composed by Leroy Jenkins and written by Mary Griffin, at Long Island University's (LIU) Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts, February 10, 2006. This one-night-only performance fits another piece to Jenkins and Griffin's family history puzzle, meshing media, oratorio and opera as only they can. Tickets are $10. For more information, call 651 ARTS at 718-636-4181 x2229 or go to To purchase tickets call LIU's box office at 718.488.1624." (From All About Jazz.)

CMS in Istanbul?

Well, yeah, sure. Istanbul came to CMS in Woodstock in the early eighties in the personage of Ismet Siral. Now, it's turning around as filmmaker and Ismet Siral promoter Dost Kip works to create a Turkish version of CMS in his home town.

It's a fascinating exchange. Check out Dost Kip's website at

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Henry Grimes, Marilyn Crispell, Tani Tabbal, Roswell Rudd

I received this from Margaret Davis (; Wish I could be there.

"Saturday, Feb. 25 at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY: Henry Grimes workshop in Bard Hall at 4 p.m; Henry Grimes Quartet featuring Marilyn Crispell & Tani Tabbal + special guest Roswell Rudd, concert in Olin Auditorium at 8 p.m., 845-876-7666, -7425 (Bard Center), 8OO-227-3265,,,"

Speaking of Marilyn Crispell, I'm enjoying the heck out of the Marilyn Crispell instructional video that I got for Christmas. It's called A Pianist's Guide to Free Improvisation. Go buy a copy.

It's great to have you in my living room, Marilyn.