Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vision Festival XIV June 9 - 15, 2009

Vision Fest, y'all!

This year there seems to be far fewer folks from the CMS family performing at Vision Fest. Not that you should base your decision to go on that fact--I just think it's interesting to note who's there who had some involvement with the CMS community.

From the Chicago contingent: Hamid Drake, Douglas R. Ewart, Shaku Joseph Jarman, and J.D. Parran.

From the way-out-west coast: Lisle Ellis.

Bob Moses will represent New England.

I should point out Henry Grimes, too. Henry wasn't really a CMS guy, but he did have an association with Karl Berger during Karl's early days in New York, while Karl was doing what he did to lay the groundwork for CMS.

I've never been to Vision Fest, have you? If you go, drop me a line and let me know how it was.

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