Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ed Blackwell

I was inspired recently by a young fellow--nineteen years old--from Connecticut named Kyle, who recently picked up Music Universe, Music Mind. Kyle was interested in my Ed Blackwell tales, and was led to remark, "Ed Blackwell is just a rarity, and anything of his deserves appreciation."

Can you believe that? Another rarity is the fact that such a young guy would even know who Ed Blackwell is, let alone have an appreciation of him.

Ed Blackwell, as much as anyone else I can think of, was the perfect embodiment of the spirit of CMS. He was a very loving, gentle, and generous soul. And the music just oozed out of him.I'm sure that he could have played with anyone and been right at home with what was happening. Africa, New Orleans, New York--Ray Charles, even!!!

Here, Kyle, you'll like this:

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