Monday, April 21, 2008

Steve Gorn

Much of the "world music" excitement took place in the later years at CMS. And because I was there in some of the earlier years (1976, '77, '78, '79), I missed a lot of it, including Steve Gorn. Nonetheless, I did managed to meet him in 1994, and from our interview came this testimonial:

There clearly wasn't much financial reward [from teaching at CMS], but there was obviously something going on that inspired people. This brought in a number of musicians who were really exploring with ways to integrate non-Western music into a jazz context. Practically everyone that has been significant in exploring in that direction passed through CMS at some point or another (from Music Universe, Music Mind, page 137).

I found some Steve Gorn videos on YouTube, but the videos that I found on Steve's own site are much better. Please check him out. Buy his records and go to his concerts.Very beautiful, very peaceful. I like beautiful and peaceful, don't you?

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